#Backthefuture Devon Climate Challenge

Have you ever had a great idea for how you can help to be more ‘planet positive’….but struggled with the funding and support to get it off the ground? Well, Devon County Council and Crowdfunder may just be able to help you. Together they have launched their #Backthefuture campaign to encourage ideas and win a slice of £30,000 to get projects underway.
You’ll need to go to the #Backthefuture website and enter 100 words to describe how your project will be of benefit:
Positive change-making projects could include anything from, but by no means limited to, promoting recycling, supporting wildlife, local produce, walking & cycling, reducing carbon emission etc….nothing is too large or small.
10 winners will get a share of the £30,000 – as well as coaching, support and the tools needed to go live and…to raise more funding!
This could be your change to make a difference.

Entries close Thursday 29 July at 7pm.