A head and shoulders photo of Gillian Humble, Councillor, Rural Ward and Deputy Chair of the Parish Council

Gillian Humble

Chair and Councillor, Rural Ward

Gillian and her family have been active participants in watersports…

A head and shoulders photo of Tim Boarer, Chairman of the Parish Council

Tim Boarer

Vice-Chair and Councillor, Rural Ward

Tim represents the Parish Council on the Hearn Field committee…

Suzanna Hughes


A head and shoulders photo of Bob Hussey, Councillor, Rural Ward

Bob Hussey

Councillor, Rural Ward

Bob has a long association with Haccombe. After many years…

Head and shoulders photo of Roger Bunce

Roger Bunce

Councillor, Urban Ward

I am married to Honey and have three grown up…

A head and shoulders photo of Julia Evans, Councillor, Rural Ward

Julia Evans

Councillor, Rural Ward

Julia has been living in Combeinteignhead since 2013. As well…

A head and shoulders photo of Simon Pattinson, Councillor, Rural Ward

Simon Pattinson

Councillor, Rural Ward

Simon is guardian of the defibrillator, located outside The Wild…

A head and shoulders photo of Lisa Hosking, Councillor, Hawthorne Ward

Lisa Hosking

Councillor, Hawthorne Ward

Lisa lives with her partner Simon and two cats in…