Hearn Field during Coronavirus

Hearn Field during Coronavirus

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to take bookings for any public gatherings or celebrations on Hearn Field or in the Pavilion. However, the Hearn Field Committee and Haccombe-with-Combe Parish Council would like to ensure that the splendour of Hearn Field continues to be enjoyed by Parishioners.

Please help us to do so by adhering to Government guidelines:

  • If you have a dog that needs walking, you should count this as the one form of exercise you take every day
  • Some parks are insisting that dogs are kept on a lead to help ensure people maintain social distance. We love dogs and, at this stage, do not want to apply this rule, so please ensure:
    • you remain 2m away from anyone outside your household while walking your dog
    • you ensure your dog is well behaved whilst off the lead
    • always remember to wash your hands before and after touching a dog

Please also remember that the police can enforce these 2 social distancing rules:

  1. Leaving the place where you live “without reasonable excuse”. “Reasonable excuse” includes exercise. However, you are requested to travel by car only a “reasonable distance to exercise”
    • So, if you are travelling by car to Hearn Field, please do consider whether it is ‘essential’ to make this journey or whether you could exercise, and walk your dog, closer to home
  2. Being in a public gathering of more than two people
    • Please do not use Hearn Field as a social gathering place for more than 2 people

Thank you for helping to keep our community safe and well.