Parish Climate Group

Parish Climate Group

The Haccombe-with-combe Climate Group had its first meeting on 20 June 2022 with Cllr Peter Bulleid, Susan Hill, Suzanne Lunn, Cllr Bob Hussey and Fuad Al-Tawil attending.

Bob gave a brief background about the District Council having already declared an environmental and climate emergency, including commitment to be carbon neutral by 2025. Now, through this Climate Group, the Parish Council wants to fully engage our community with this issue.

It’s a great time to begin this climate group because help and support is available from Action for Climate in Teignbridge (ACT). Fuad joined us as an existing member of ACT, and lead a discussion about our understanding of climate and environmental issues, as follows:

-The central importance of energy use, greenhouse gases, climate change and the consequences of that change for the planet.

-A great starting point for reducing local greenhouse gases is knowledge of our current carbon footprint. Carbon calculating tools for this purpose are freely available through ACT.

-It’s sometimes easy to be discouraged by the size of the task and negative or defeatist voices. Fuad assured us that positive change may be easier than we currently think.

-Members expressed their interest in knowing more about their own carbon footprints and then reducing them. They’re also keen to help enable others to do the same … exactly what this group is about.

If you’d like to know more then contact: Bob Hussey Parish Councillor